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  • Personal Consultation - We will have a personal meeting at least one month before your event (not one or two days before). This allows us to get organized in advance and prevent last minute decisions. One week before your party, we will check with you to make any final confirmations.


  • Early Arrival - We arrive at least 90 (ninety) minutes before your celebration. Arriving early allows us to be set up and sound-check our equipment before your guests arrive.


  • Professional Conduct - We do not drink alcohol, during or after your event. We treat everyone with professional courtesy. When children are present, we work hard to keep objectionable lyrics out of our show and keep it "family friendly."


  • Professional Equipment - Our sound system is the best in terms of sound clarity, definition and reliability. Our main speakers are elevated on stands to project the sound above the crowd, not into them. Proper speaker placement allows coverage of a large area without having to crank the volume to excessive levels. Our equipment is concealed and appears attractive.


  • Music Volume - During cocktails and dinner we play music softly enough for conversations (without having to shout). When it's time to dance, the music is made slightly louder. Usually we are right on the money with our volume settings, but if you find it to be too loud or too soft, tell us and we'll adjust the volume to your preference.


  • ENTERTAINMENT STYLE - So the question is "What is In The Mix Entertainments style"?

 As DJs, when it comes down to it: we are   responsible for the flow of dance floor energy. We have the power to bring the energy up, drop it down, or keep it steady depending on what is needed at that time and place. The way we do this is through appropriate song selection, fluid mixing of tracks, and watching and then responding to our audience.

  • Guest Involvement - We interact and have fun with the guest, but we know where the appropriate style stops and obnoxious behavior begins. We do not ask your guests to sing songs or play tacky games like "pass our business card around". DJ's trying to drum up business use these tactics.

  • Unparalleled Service - We are fully committed to our client. In the spirit of this commitment, we only perform one party per day - YOURS! This allows us the freedom to perform our very best. Even if the times for your party change, no problem. When you book our services, we are yours for the day! We will perform at any time during that day for the contracted duration.


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